Wednesday, January 10, 2007

25 Unusual Indians

The Week, India, in the January 7, 2007 issue has done something stupendous!!

They have a Cover Story on 25 unusual Indians.
Sample this:
1. A person who uses his nose and mouth to generate enough power(electricity) to run a bike for 10 kilometers.
2. A 70 year old person who greets foreign visitors to his city and makes sure that the tourism industry cheats do not get to them, feeds them at his house often, and takes care of them as a true host would, all in the belief that it is his duty to play host to people visiting his country.
3. An old man in Bihar who developed an amphibian cycle because of the floods. Its a hit! And he designed it in 3 days!
4. The man in a village in Punjab who creates the smallest working models of several things.. then uses these miniature models to generate an interest in the science among his students - Govt. school children.
5. A boy who can twist his entire body through a badminton racquet!

What impressed me even more was the places - Hatihalka in East Midnapore(Bengal), Vijinapura (Karnataka), Shardulgarh, Ansa (Punjab), Dimapur(Nagaland), Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu), Saurikh (UP), a village perhaps too small to be named, Motihari Distt. (Bihar) , Bangalore, Ziona, Baktwang(Mizoram), Rohtak(Haryana), Hailakandi(Assam), Mettur(Tamil Nadu), Gulmarg(Kashmir).

Go Week!! JUST THE KIND OF NEWS WE NEED! All brimming with positive energy, these stories about the grits of people who did not necessarily study, came from humble backgrounds, and had only themselves to believe in or doubt.

Much less column space to the elections and the threats please.. there is a lot of good news in the world!


Neihal said...

yeah.much better than all those articles on political scams and stuff like that...once in a while they should focus on some positive things happening around the country....I am sure they'll find many more stories if they go looking....

artnavy said...

yes feel good factor is high with such positiveness

i found some of the achievers creepy though

The Phosgene Kid said...

Random acts of kindness and intelligence, almost gives you hope for the world, doesn’t it?

dharmabum said...

not bad for a change, eh? week had, for a long time been one of my preferred magazines - i've thought its somewhat more ethical than the rest of them.

remember reading in one of kalam's books about how he was in israel then...the hamas had done some major bombing then and lotsa ppl had died. kalam says he was surprised to find just a minor mention (that too, buried ni one of the inner pages) of the entire event in the newspaper. he adds that the front page of the newspaper on the day following the event, carried a full page article or something about a man who had developed desert land and so on...

thanks for sharing - wil pick up the mag, though i'm doubtful about finding it :(

btw, have linked u to my blog - hoep its alright with u.

Sugarlips said...

I visited a friend & happened
to watch "Shabash India" !!
Have u ever seen it?
Some of the stuff ppl did I found very creepy :(

Stay Beautiful...!!

Di said...

hey i read the issue too...real feel gud stuff.. :)

Di said...

hey i read the issue too...real feel gud stuff.. :)

How do we know said...

Hi Neihal: Seriously, na! I also am sure that there is enough good news in the world, if only we went looking for it with the same zeal.

Hi artnavy: yeah, perhaps you cld say that..some of them are unusual.. but the ones that remain top of mind after the article are mostly the do-gooders!

Hi PG: it sure does!!

Hi Dharmabum: Sure the link is OK, and is appreciated! Thank you.
I like that example too.. shows where the priority in news should sometimes lie.. but then again, would we really read all good news all the time? That is what I have been thinking of..

Hi Sugarlips: Nope, havent seen the show.. which channel is this? I dont watch much TV, but will try and catch this show if you'd recommend it..

Hi di: Am glad u did! and even more glad that u agree!

Rusty said...

wow, good information. i definitely need to catch this piece of article.

Shreemoyee said...

Thats the qutub minar isn't it? Did you take the snap?

Anonymous said...

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