Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2 part post

This post has 2 parts. It had to have just one, but it has 2.

Part 1 is in English.
My colleague just told me that he lost his father in a motor accident. His father was returning from the market on a moped when some young ppl on a bike hit him. He lost his balance and fell. Serious head injury. No one took him to the hospital because there was a lot of blood.
By the time he got to the hospital, it was too late.

Up until now, I was convinced about moving away from the accident site, because its very likely that the victim's family might start accusing you of causing the whole thing. If they don't, the police will look for an easy victim, make you either the accused or the eyewitness, and ensure that you have to go to the courts for years on end.. all for helping someone live?

Today, i hold that head in these hands and wonder - Must it come to this? Must someone lose his father because we find it easy to blame? And therefore, easier still to flee?

Ironically, I just finished a set of satirical essays by Shri Harishanker Parsai and one of his essays dealt with exactly this.

The second part of this post is going to be the first part of that essay.

इंसपेक्टर मातादीन चांद पर
- श्री हरीशंकर परसाई

वैज्ञानिक कहते हैं कि चांद पर जीवन नही है.
सीनियर पुलिस इंसपेक्टर मातादीन कहते हैं – वैज्ञानिक झूठ बोलते हैं, वहां हमारे जैसे ही मनुष्य की आबादी है.
विज्ञान ने हमेशा इंसपेक्टर मातादीन से मात खायी है! फिंगर प्रिंट विशेषग्य कहता रहता है – छुरे पर पाये गये निशान मुल्ज़िम की उंग्लियों के नही हैं. पर मातादीन उसे सज़ा दिलवा ही देते हैं.

मातादीन कहते हैं, "य़े वैज्ञानिक केस का पूरा इंवेस्टिगेशन नहीं करते. उन्होने चान्द का उजला हिस्सा देखा और कह दिया, चांद पर जीवन नही है. मैं चांद का अन्धेरा हिस्सा देख कर आया हूं. वहां मनुष्य जाति है.

यह बात सही है क्युंकी अन्धेरे पक्ष के मातादीन माहिर माने जाते हैं.
पूछा जायेगा, इंसपेक्टर मातादीन चांद पर क्यों गये थे?


Z said...

That is dreadful and I am so sorry. I have read that this can happen, that people are afraid to help in case they are accused and maybe you can't blame them, but it is shocking to hear about.

I wish I could read the second part, it is my loss.

Blackcougar said...

Coincidence, was visiting a friend in the hospital whose earlier injury had just got complicated and he got talking about his accident and him seeing the cars just whizing past without stopping to help him.

My fall and badly bruised hands earlier in the evening, his narration and then your blog .. nah .. cannot be a coincidence.

Chiya said...

This is so sad:(
I am truly sorry for your friend and his father.

It is not right to accuse the system, victim's family or immumerous rounds of court. It is just the mindset, if you wish to help, stay back and help nobody will unnecessary hassle the helping hand.

One should not blame the system just because it is shown that way in movies. Our system is improving at a fast pace.

Neihal said...

Death is a difficult to come to terms to...you know I was in two minds abt a post related to death and then I read ur post in the morning and finally wrote it....
Parsai my fav too. His 'thithurta ganatantra' was one was my first exposure to hindi lit...:)

Wriju said...

Feel sorry for your friend and his loss. Like most others reading the post, I felt the familiar, "No this can't happen to me".

The other day I saw an old man in respectable clothes lying on the pavement right infront of my office. People gave him a quick glance as they walked by. I looked at him and asked the security gaurd to help me lift the person up. The gaurd said he couldn't leave his post. I felt the man's pulse and saw that he was alive. A passerby said that the old man is probably drunk and asked me to let him be. I went back in to office, when I noticed that people were looking at me more than at him. When I checked back in the evening the old man was gone.

The essay in Hindi seemed so surreal. Inspector Matadin surely must have seen the dark side of the moon. He went there in connection with a case, to track down a criminal. The dark side of the moon, isn't a good place you know.

Cyberkitty said...

that's awful, so sorry !

priya said...

That is very sad. Why shud some lunatics hit him for no reason. Aloss for your friend.....

How do we know said...

Dear Z: Thanks! :-)
At the end of the story, will put a synopsis of the story in English for you and everyone who can't read Hindi..

hi Blackcougar: nah, just can't be coincidence..why do these things come together sometimes?

Hi Chiya: Thought i'll tell u my experiences with helping people.
Wrote out the whole thing and then deleted it. They were not positive. And the point I made in the post was not based on the movies at all :-)

After this death,however, I'm not sure I'll walk away from people who really need help..if the choice is between one person's harassment and another person's life, there really is no dilemma.
Only, I do hope that there is courage to act when the need arises.Better still, if the need never arises :-)

How do we know said...

Hi Meihal: yes, no matter what our elders tell us about the prakriti ka niyam and leela.. it is always a difficult thing to come to terms with...also, just read ur post too..

hi Wriju: Tell me about it! The This can't happen to me feeling just got shattered when i heard my colleague speak about it..
That episode of a respectable person drunk and lying by the side of the road has happened to me too :-)
Ppl ask us to leave them alone, but then, don't drunk ppl have the right to at least be put on the side?

Hi Cyberkitty: Yes it is..

Hi Priya: You should come to a highway sometime and see how these 14-18 year olds drive their bikes.. between trucks, buses, in front of blue line buses in delhi...cutting between vehicles.. its a miracle they get home everyday. Parents who get their under age children bikes and cars are the ones who should think about it, not the underage kids who do it.. they cannot be blamed for their harmones, but the parents know what them harmones do..

Z said...

I'm entirely ignorant, I'm afraid - are there not emergency services? If there is an accident, it has to be cleared up and the injured people taken to hospital by one means or another, how does this happen normally?

How do we know said...

There are emergency services Z, but if you call them they take time to arrive. And then, they look for the person who called. Its as bad as taking the person to the hospital yourself. Thankfully, in most urban areas, a hospital is usually not very far. Or at least a doctor, if one can get to it..

Sophie said...

I would help someone to live.

Simple. No thought needed come
what may.

Twisted DNA said...

Such a horrible thing to happen to somebody! Just thinking about your friend makes me so sad. I hope the young guys on the bike are put to justice!

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