Sunday, April 02, 2006

I am perhaps
not the most suitable recipient
Of your affection.

I have decided
that my picture
will do the job much better.

Am therefore
leaving the picture behind
For you to declare your love to
Once a day, or maybe, once in two days,
without giving a damn
about what she really feels.. thinks... does....
No time to talk
or ask her
if she is upset about something..

I have a feeling
that your lasting, beautful love,
Is not valued enough
by a thinking, feeling, complaining person..
A statue
will do the job much better...
And make you
A very happy man!

I have also fed her
the hmmms and the A-has
which are
the only pieces of conversation
that you have wanted out of me
in a long time.

She will do perfectly well.
And you will never know the difference!

1 comment:

Manish said...

This is a very nice one... I like your style of writing.. Keep it up! :-)