Saturday, March 25, 2006


They fall
In unintelligible gibberish
At a poor pace
Not caring
About the sky
that they were born to claim

Too helpless
To help
the one that they fall on and crush
under their weight..

Poor souls.. these little ones
If only they knew..
Their own little power... if only.. they had
floated lightly,
into the air
like dreams are meant to..
instead they took
reality on their shoulders
and that is a heavy burden.

No wonder they fell
not into the open sky
but on the earth
crushing the one who stood under
with open, wide arms
hoping to reap
a harvest of beautiful dreams
and instead
crushed under
the weight of these pointless words.

I am not sure who the murdered was...


stellar said...

gr8 ki aapne jaan liya aap kaun hai or aap kya chahate hai..that you started blogging coz you like writing and you write too good..this poem of yours actually gave me some sense, to think before you talk..choose the write words and then speak..thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating it..
Tk Cr

Nidhi Narayan said...
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Nidhi Narayan said...

hi welcome to my small place in the blogging world, anyways...XL...well thats a term used only by people from jsr. or the insti.......anyways your blog doesnt give much info. about u.....and u know what blogs r....... place where we share everything other than our personal details, lets see how far our bloggingship goes then we can divulge some info.....till then keep blogging, u have some great posts man.

Santosh Kumar Jena said...

hey, nice poem man,
"the weight of these pointless words"- really touching.

How do we know said...

Hi Stellar:
Thank you for coming to return the visit :-) Till Next Time then!

Nidhi: Well, there is one insti with which XL has an annual sports meet... thats the one I meant!

Santosh: Thanks boss! Actually dont think of myself as being any good at writing at all... this is more like the diary... i do talk to myself like this..

Rajesh Rana said...

....hi....good words...

How do we know said...

Rajesh: I really liked your blog too!! Good you dropped by!! :-)

stellar said...

hey words to tell ya how i felt after wht u've written bout my work..thanks a ton..keep visiting my blog..keep criticizing..i'll appreciate that...

Vacys Reimeris said...

LABA DIENA!(i.e. G'DAY from Lithuanian into English),
I'm Vacys from Vilnius, I was not unprepared for it - to defer to get together, to see at a glance a splendid Indian poetry !
Greetings !
Sorry my ignorant English...