Monday, March 06, 2006

The Story so far... (3)

The beauty of this thing is.. it ways a lot in a few words.. if you have the time, you hear, otherwise, you understand..

This was the title song of a serial on TV. Sung by Jagjeet Singh there.

Zindagi noor hai,
Magar is mein jalne ka dastoor hai..

Ravayat hai ke, zindagi gehna hai,
ye heera hai aur chhat-te rehna hai..
Ke lamhon mein marne ka dastoor hai...

The verse is in Hindi and my apologies to people who dont know the language.. i am a poor translator..
[ 01:37 ] [ Jan. 8, 2006 ]
On getting wodden furniture made
How many trees were killed,
For this almirah?
How many trees butchered
for this nice wall piece?
That is a wonderful kitchen!
How many corpses does it rest on?

Oh! What a wonderful decoration piece... pure wood! How nice!
Who did the killing? [ 01:33 ] [ Jan. 8, 2006 ]

On Reading the Kite Runner...
It was handed down to me by someone who runs a bookstore bcs he loves books. He told me he always keeps a copy.

I took it, just like that. The title and the cover picture were not very exciting, and the last thing one wanted was another half cooked attempt at metaphors of life and story telling with very little to say.

Started reading it at a time when one could obviously do little else.

You know, some books are like haunted houses.. once you've been inside them, they can send a chill down your spine no matter how much time has passed... The Kite Runner is not a haunted house. Its the Ghost that haunts all your life. And you also realise that the things people point out to you as being the most important.. are perhaps the only things not of value.

That one day, you will be called to shed all your facades and do what you should do, and you will, on that day, have to shed the lies you've fed yourself for years and own up to being who you really are... a coward, and an ill prepared traveller.

Don't read the book. [ 01:24 ] [ Jan. 8, 2006 ]

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