Monday, March 06, 2006

The Story so Far (Contd.)

Koi haath bhi na milayega, jo gale miloge tapaak se
Ye naye mijaaz ka shehar hai,
Zaraa faaslon se mila karo...

One day, I sent a sher to my friends.. and true to form, they responded with more shers..

Palkon mein band kuchh sapne hain,
Kuchh begaane kuchh apne hain,
Na jaane kya kashish hai aapki dosti mein,
aap door ho kar bhi kitne apne hain...

Aap se mile zamaana hua magar,
Yun laga koi hum se mil kar gaya abhi abhi..

Nanhe se dil mein, armaan koi rakhna
Duniya ki bhid mein pehchaan koi rakhna
Achchhe nahi lagte jab rehte ho udaas,
In pyaare se honthon pe muskaan koi rakhna..

[ 10:28 ] [ Feb. 2, 2006 ]

Coffee Musings
There is something romantic about the word coffee and its's non alcoholic and equally wonderful as a drink... and if u try it without milk and sugar and with some bitter cocoa thrown in, it can be quite potent. Add to that Agatha Christie, or your favorite murder mysteries, and you have the recipe for a perfect day!

Went to this Punjabi Mushayara which is an annual event, but this was my first time..

Here are the 2 I remembered:
Tere naa te rakhi sadak te hain raunaqaan badiyaan,
Teri dikhayi raah te veerangi kinni!

And this one:
Tussi mere pankh katde ho par main
Pher vi udd javaangi
Mera Mazhab hai aakaash!

There was one more.. on reservations... by a new Punjabi poet... i dont remember the name of the poet or the poem itself... but it was bful!

[ 17:35 ] [ Jan. 27, 2006 ]

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