Monday, March 06, 2006

The Story so far(4)


One morning, I was just.. around, trying to help my brother and opened Google(Obviously!) . This is what the Google site looked like.

Incidentally, it was the 4th of January, that's Louise Braille's Birthday, and this is Google in Braille.. WAY TO GO!! [ 01:21 ] [ Jan. 8, 2006 ]

Braille in Primary School
This is the best piece of news that I've heard in a loooong time.. the Delhi Sarkar has decided that it will introduce Braille and sign language in primary school to make schools more disabled friendly.

We dont know when, if ever, the proposal will ring true. When it does, am certain it will have 99% of all parents complaining about the extra work load on a child.
I agree.

So, what will it mean? This extra work load on the child? It will mean that he knows, at the age of 5, that there are some people in the world who cannot see a sunrise.
He will know that his eyes are too precious to be wasted on TV games and TV soaps.
It will also mean that he knows that there are children who cannot see films, even though they are sighted, because they cannot hear a thing. That these are children who could die in a fire because they will just not hear the fire alarm! Or, like in the film Koshish or Khamoshi, people who could lose a loved one becuase they don't hear the screams asking for help!!! It will teach them to value their bodies. And to value the people who were not born with bodies as perfect.

Perhaps that knowledge is too much weight to carry around. Perhaps it is depressing to teach a child about disability that early in life. But if I was a parent, I would ask the school to give my child that extra workload today. They could, if they like, cut his counting. It doesn't matter if he counts a year later. But he should know, when he learns to count, that it is a privilege to be able to say "One, Two, Three..." and a pivilige to see the Apple, Boy, Cat in the picture book.
[ 16:33 ] [ Dec. 16, 2005 ]

Why that blog about the home loan?
Guess I owe an answer there.. it was also to warn other people about these entities. That is my only excuse.. :)

In the interim, the WTO talks have been held hostage by India and then the G 20s and G30s. Am proud of my country for finally standing up for a cause. Its own perhaps, but I don't remember the last time our legislators agreed on anything other than increasing the salaries of MPs.

Another significant thing. When the defence service senior officials were shown taking a bribe by Tehelka, Tehelka was finished systematically. When the MPs were shown doing the same thing.. surprise! Surprise! All the political parties went red faced and guess what? the MPs were in trouble! Seriously! And then, Natwar Singh was asked to leave, his seniority notwithstanding, bcs of the Iraq deal. Am not sure what that means... but this I do know, if politicians have started to get red faced about bribes, and if the days of "saajish hai ye" are over... these are good days for my country.. just perhaps..

Maybe it is too soon to believe that a change is coming, but hey, no one said its too soon to hope... Am hoping...
[ 16:14 ] [ Dec. 16, 2005 ]

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