Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Here are 2 gems i bumped into.. they are written by other ppl on their pages. I loved them!

Is it you..
Or is it just that
I’ve made you wearthe love robes
I’ve been saving since the days when my sand castles
were big enough to walk around in..and strong enough
To stand guard against the tides
I cant remember who first said
That----“what you don’t know cant hurt you”
But what’s-his-name was wrong
Supposing I climb all the way to the top
Then find out……its not really you..
How do I climb back down again
All by myself?

I’ve always been afraid of heights…..

PS: I don't know who wrote this..the name is not on the page.. but she is fundoo!


cochinblogs said...

Hi ,
Nice of you to visit my blog.
Need ideas on developing it..
You can send more comments please...
I wish to make it useful +
have ad value.

How do we know said...

Hi Joe:
I will keep coming back to ur blog, and don't worry, advice is the only frug where supply exceeds demand. you'll find plenty coming!