Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hindi Poetry..

OK people, I am going to do this..
I am going to use this page to showcase some Hindi poetry..
because its rather sad to see the death of the Hindi poet..

And if you like these pieces, please remember that they were picked up from assorted Hindi poetry books picked up painstakingly at roadside stalls, bcs none of the upmarket shops keep modern Hindi poetry.. so please, go out there and buy some Hindi poetry.. and in the snobbish upmarket shops where they keep fewer Indian language books than French books, ASK for books in Indian languages, and ask the managers why they don't stock Indian language books.. then buy them..

The death of a language is a sad reality, but what makes it worse is the knowledge that we are colluding architects in that death..

Please feel free to suggest other good vernacular poetry, and I'll add it here..

"Bhookh ka jhaad
Uga ho jis ke pet mein,
Bhar jaata hai kaanton se us ka kanth,
Tab cheekh bhi nahi sakta aadmi.. "
- Banaas nadi: Teen Chitra
by Radhe Shyam Atal

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Manish said...

Very true.. I think we are losing the lust of the Hindi poetry lately..
I am just a fan of people who write and poets especially.. somebody suggested me to read Amrita Pritam's poems.. am dying to read it.. hope I could get the chance to read it soon.. :)