Monday, February 15, 2021

Today's Conundrum: Why the Dwivachan?

 Actually, this conundrum is not new. It has been troubling me since i started learning Sanskrit. 

As far as I know, most languages in the world have 2 states -Singular, and Plural (Ekvachan- Bahuvachan)

Sanskrit is the only language where there are 3 states - 1, two, and more than 2 (Ekvachan, Dwivachan, Bahuvachan)

None of the derivative languages of Sanskrit have inherited this unique trait of Sanskrit, not even Hindi, which is grammatically closest to Sanskrit.

We have not found this (in as much as we know) in Prakrit or Pali either.

The Dwivachan is so important that for every word, every verb, there is a Dwivachan defined. - Akarant, Ikarant, Ukarant, Pulling, Stiling, Napunsakling, Dhatu Roop - everything.

That meant significant work for Panini and his team.

WHY was the count of 2 so important?

I think that the day we solve this puzzle, we will answer some very important questions about Indian history.

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