Monday, February 12, 2018

Logic Puzzles, Riddles and other assorted stuff - II

The second instalment of logic puzzles and riddles that we created for the children's daily paper:

In Country A, all the boys love painting and all the girls drink milk.
In Country B, all the boys drink tea and all the girls love painting.
Based on the above 2 statements, which of these can you be sure of:
A. In country A, none of the girls love painting.
B. In Country B, none of the boys drinks milk. ...
C. In Country A, all the girls love science.
D. In Country B, all the boys hate painting.


Raman had a theft in his office. The witnesses were interviewed. The 4 people in office at the time were:
Raman: He runs the office.
Shambhu: He is an administrative assistant.
Rama is a manager.
Krishna is an associate. ...
Pratap is also an associate.

Here are the notes:
Pratap: Shambhu didn’t do it.
Rama: I was not in the office when this happened.
Shambhu: Neither Krishna nor Rama could have done it.
Krishna: Either Pratap did it or Shambhu did it.
After you have read the 4 statements, you go over and arrest the thief forthwith.
Who do you arrest, and why?


In a certain code, 11 is written as 121 and 12 is written as 144. What are the following numbers written as in that code?
a. 6
b. 17
c. 15
d. 9...
e. 4


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