Monday, February 12, 2018

Logic Puzzles, Riddles and other assorted stuff

These are from the daily paper we make for our children.

Your school allows students to choose from among 3 languages – German, Spanish and French. There are 75 children in the batch.
You want to know who is taking which language. These are your clues:
A. 40 children chose French but not German.
B. 10 children chose all 3 languages.
C. 20 children chose only Spanish and 10 children chose only German. ...
D. 40 children chose German and 65 children chose Spanish.
E. 15 children chose German and Spanish but not French.

Find the Odd One Out in each set:
1. Foxtrot, Tango, Jive, Katha
2. Yangtse, Danube, Amazon, Ganga, Meru
3. Paris, London, Lucknow, Brasilia
4. Caspian, Dead, Red, Brown...
5. Jatra, Nautanki, Chhau, Odissi

How Many Cakes?
On a given day, Savita sells between 10 and 20 cakes in her bakery.
For this week, however, she forgot to keep track of day wise sales. Here is what she does remember though:
Tuesday was twice as much as Monday, but half of that of Wednesday. ...
Thursday was when 18 cakes got sold, but Friday sold only half of that.
The number of cakes sold on Wednesday was a 2 digit number that was also a square.
Can you help Savita figure out how many cakes she sold on each day?

Ages Ago
5 friends challenge you to guess their ages. The sum of their ages is 45. The eldest is 4 years older than the youngest, and 3 of them are the same age. The age of the youngest is also the highest prime number under 10.
Now, can you guess the ages of the children?

Who was she talking to?
At a party, I found my friend speaking with a young lady. I asked her who it was that she was speaking with, and she said, “My mother’s younger sister has a brother. The brother has a wife. The wife has only one son. The son’s father has 2 sisters. The elder of the 2 sisters has only one daughter. This young girl is the first born of that daughter.”

A standard deck of playing cards has 52 cards of 4 suits.
While playing a certain game, we have to say “Aha” every time we get a card that is a multiple of 4.
How many “Aha”s will we hear before the game is over, if all the cards are played exactly once in the game? (Numeric Value of picture cards: J:11; Q:12; K:13)

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