Saturday, November 26, 2016


I would like to take today and bottle it
then age it
like premium wine
or good basmati rice
keep it for as long as possible
savor it on special occasions

But its ephemeral 
this thing called time
They are temporary
Them things called moments

They have to be gone
That's why
They are special

A little sunshine from today
will light up
a lot of days


Onkar said...

Beautiful thought

Himanshu Tandon said...

Use the sunshine well.. pepper it over a dark night or sprinkle it over a grey cloud..and when you are down to the last scoop, savor it with a stiff drink...

kj said...

this is lovely and wise. i think memories as as precious as the moments they capture.

with love

How do we know said...

Onkar sir: Thank you!

Hi HT: funny that it was over a stiff drink that I read your comment :)

Hi kj: :) Yes.. and sometimes, even more so...