Friday, November 04, 2016

Crop Burning is NOT responsible for your pollution.

So, after reading A LOT about the contribution of burning fields to the pollution of the megapolis, i was forced to read facts, as opposed to very well informed opinions that one gets on facebook.

One thing i do know is that stubble burning is standard agricultural practice since the Indus Valley Civilisation at least, and its widely prevalant all over the globe as a standard post harvest practice.

And you will find others.
Being from a farming family 3 generations ago (who stopped agriculture once they moved to India after partition), i was told that the ash from the burning goes back into the soil to make it more fertile. But in my current research, it didnt come up anywhere, except from the mouth of a farmer who actually tried it after being discouraged a lot, and found that its true:

But that's not the point of this post. The point is, a practice that is thousands of years old, cannot suddenly precipitate your pollution and smog. 

Please stop blaming things that do not merit being blamed and start looking for changes that you can make. Of course, you could go lend a hand to the farmers by helping them to manage the stubble. Consider that before you consider opening that big mouth wide. If you want to speak for someone, walk 10 miles in their shoes first.

For most of us food wasting, armchair innovation spouting activist citizens of India, 1 mile in a farmer's or a soldier's shoes will not be possible. So please focus on the crackers and keep that wide mouth shut. Thank you!

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