Thursday, December 01, 2011

like water
fills up
the ocean
and the thimble

like water
takes the shape of
every mould
the heart makes
for itself.

like water
makes up
60% of


Chiya said...

and pain like water is essential for life..

Richa said...

Pain, unlike water, has bitter taste. :)

HT said...

Pain like water
freezes over
when life turn cold

Pain like water
gushes out
from eyes when sore

and finally

Pain like water
mixes well
with my evening scotch :)

How do we know said...

hi chiya: i LOVE when u take a metaphor and develop it... ur one line kind of turns the post on its head, doesnt it :-) lovely.

hi richa: :-) and an even bitter after taste...

hi HT: as usual, YOU EXCEL YOURSELF. how do u develop these metaphors better than i can imagine? the last one is just too good.

Mayz said...

Pain does not make up 60% of think pain makes up 60% of you!!

Thoughts are you best friends...thoughts are your worst enemy. They can take you from a sunlit day to a rainy night within a moment.

Frog-in-the-Well said...

Pain unlike water,
Feeds on itself,
and grows more and more..

Varun said...

watermelons are painful to eat

Onkar said...

Lovely lines

How do we know said...

hi mayz: and some ppl are just happier in the rain. some ppl prefer the sun.

Hi frog in well: yes. that is true too.

hi varun: you bet they are. at 95% water, for sure!

onkar sir: thank you!

kj said...

gosh you are a fine poet....

i know the pain you speak of. i've carried it too, for too long. 60%. i think that means change is calling you; that 40% knows better.

your comments here are great. i'm glad i've come by.


How do we know said...

hi kj: :-) thank you.. that 40% knows better? :-) i wish!!