Saturday, December 17, 2011

on reading a book

when i read a book that is very engaging..a book that involves the heart and the mind and the soul, i find that i cannot read it at one go. My 700 wpm reading speed goes right out of the window.. these books cannot be read as a marathon.

after a few pages, one finds that one has  to stop... live the emotion for a while... wait for the moment to abate, before one can pick up the book and read again.. it happened with the last 2 books of poetry , and it happened with the new book one is reading - because he is... biography of gulzar..

does that happen to you too? when u identify with a book, do u need to pause too??


Z said...

Funnily enough, that happened to me recently. Someone I like very much gave me a book he had written some years ago, and I tried reading it slowly. didn't work though, I started to find that I was thinking too much about every aspect of the story instead of simply enjoying it.

Sometimes, I slow right down as I near the end of a book, because the characters have become dear to me and, when I finish it, they will vanish from my daily life. They will revert to fiction. If that isn't too peculiar - I think you'll know what I mean!

How do we know said...

hi z: i kept thinking of that slowing down near the end part a lot... yes, it is true.. they do become a part of our lives, and one does miss them a lot when they go.... i know exactly what u mean... :-)

and, did i mention, a comment from you always makes me smile:-) a lot.