Friday, November 04, 2011

Going the last mile..

Kuchh isliye bhi mai us'se bichhad gayaa 'Mohsin'
Wo duur duur se dekhe thahar thahar ke mujhe

कुछ इसलिए भी मैं उस से बिछड़ गया मोहसिन,
वो दूर दूर से देखे ठहर ठहर के मुझे..

- This was the sher that started it. The sher hit me because most other poetry talks about the romance of seeing someone from afar and doing nothing about it. This sher talks about the consequence of seeing from afar and doing nothing about it.
What is going to come next still breaks the heart, after all these years:

A friend liked someone in her office but said nothing about it. The other person also said nothing. In time, both of them got married to other people. After that, one time, they met, and ended up confessing how they felt about each other.
It was heartbreaking to see them. She knew, without any physical communication, everything from whether he is in trouble to whether he has eaten! And he was equally telepathic about her. i have never, ever seen that in a couple - neither before nor since.
But they had to go their separate ways - guilt and all that.

When i read this sher, it sooo reminded me of them, and of so many other people, who are unhappy, because they just did not step up while there was still time. And it isnt just true of romantic relationships...

Lots of friendships happened because one just said, "Lets have coffee." and those coffees led to games of "Truth" .. which, in turn, led to lifelong bonds..
And some friendships were lost, because, while there was still time, one did not say those magical words, "lets talk".

I have said it lots of times on this blog, so at the risk of repetition, here goes again:
If you really like someone, the time to tell them is NOW.
If you want to make friends, the time to have that coffee is TODAY.
Standing on the sidelines, is only good if you intend to be a bystander. If you want to be a part of a life, the time to step into that life is now.


Anonymous said...

Sigh... I know... sometimes that simple lets talk is so so difficult...

Having said that.. as generations progress I see that hitch reducing by the day ! :)

Anonymous said...

not done N

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

Well...well...I agree with you partially, sometimes its better not to say something to that time we can only wait for the right time to come... :)

Himanshu Tandon said...

Very ever. Reminded me of something that I had written long ago and forgotten..

Check this one out, maybe you already would have.. don't know.

It is titled "REJECTED"

A said...

Very true, but very sad too. Something similar sung by the maestro Jagjit Singh from Sarfarosh

Hum labhon se keh na paaye unse haal-e-dil kabhi
Aur woh samjhe nahin yeh khamoshi kya cheez hai


BRDS said...

That truth and Dare .... made me friends for life with 2 wonderful people and NI i oweit all to you. I will chersih it all my life!!!!!

kj said...

wow wow wow
i read this last night and i was touched by how clearly you got this message across.

almost every time i speak up and share either my love or my concerns, i and the other person are the better for it. and the sooner the better.

i wish you and i could meet for tea... ♥

How do we know said...

Hi hitchwriter: Love aaj kal dekhi hai? The more things change , the more they remain the same. :-)

How do we know said...

hi Anonymous: :-)

Hi Cynosure: OK, this is going to be a long comment, and i will be completely honest.

One read "at that time we can only wait for the right time to come... " and the first line that came out was : "Yeah rite. khaak ho jayenge hum tumko khabar hone tak."

But on a more serious note.. sure, to each his/her own.

What is the "right time" to be friends with someone?

In a romantic relationship, sure, one might want to wait till the "right time" is here..

Wait, if you want to. Speak, if you want to. Simble :-)

How do we know said...

Hi Himanshu: Rejected is SUPER.. and yet, sadly, not too far from the truth. Ye theek hai nahi marta koi judai mein, khuda kisi se kisi ko, magar judaa na kare.. :-)

Hi A: Yes, that one is perfect!

Hi BRDS: Yes, i had that truth in mind when i wrote abt life long bonds over cofi and truth.. :-) it was magical..

Hi kj: i keep saying the same things.. :-) and yes, it has never helped me either.. to wait.. not speaking, on the other hand, has definitely hurt.. :-)

Chiya said...

You know I appreciate your blog posts, I always did and also
explicitly told you about this.
but this one Going the last mile is something soooooooooooo goooooodd
that I am not finding words to appreciate or comments on it..

Keep writing such lovely stuff, it brings me closer to you..

How do we know said...

Hi Chiya: Thank you!!

Huh? Where am I ? said...

when i was about to end reading this post, these lines came in my mind

"Ab chalta hoon main tumhara dar se samet kar apna wajud.. aakhri moti the shyad ye.. fir mile na mile!"