Monday, November 28, 2011


i have removed you
from the legal papers
and from the house
and from the heart....?
and yet
i cant remove you
from the
and the crannies
where pieces of you
like marks of crayons
made by our child
when he was very young.
pieces of ur memory
in the dresses
that you used to hate
and the cooking
you detested.

Cannot remove
the sound of
"what the hell happened?"
as soon as you enter
no one to put the food away
in the fridge
late at night.

No, i cannot
remove you
from the nooks, crannies, corners
and the depths
of all that
we have lived through


kj said...

my dear friend, i know about this...

i can tell you that time will handle this for you. just reading your words i know you have done the right and best thing. you deserve a different life.

i try to remember when i need to take the sad memories are parts of me, not dependent on another person. it will be me who chooses where and how those memories are stored.

i hope you have a good friend or two nearby. take time, i promise time will heal and help and you will be happy with a new canvass.

How do we know said...

hi kj: this post is based on fiction.. but there is something i want to tell u.. can i email you?

iron_maiden said...


Been thru a similar experience...

Could relate to everyword....

This is really a good piece of writing...

iron_maiden said...


Could relate to every single word.

Beautifully crafted piece.