Thursday, November 24, 2011

धीरज का क्या है, टूटे तो कल टूट जाए, न टूटे तो ४६ साल न टूटे..

माँ, बच्चों का दुनिया में विश्वास होती है.  अगर माँ मर जाए, तो बच्चे का दुनिया में विश्वास भी मर जाता है.

there is no good age to lose a parent.

as u can tell, i m reading a lot of amrita pritam these days..


kj said...

have you lost your parent? i am so sorry. i think it is a club that only those of us who have experienced such a loss can understand.

i hope your memories will cover the sadness in time.


Onkar said...

very true

How do we know said...

hi kj: No.. thankfully, my parents are around, and i truly dread the day... well... this is a one liner i use very often... jlt..

Onkar Sir: yes...

A said...

Ah, Amrita Pritam. Every single word of her touches me immensely. Thanks for sharing. I wish I had a collection of her works so my daughter can also read and cherish them when she grows up. Would you mind sharing if you know of a good bookstore in Del/Chd that has such collections?


How do we know said...

Dear A: Order online on :-)