Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You have to hear this

Remember the cute Airtel ads? Speak Out, they say. I am an obedient subscriber.

Last month, around this time, we made the payment on our Airtel landline. This cheque was not banked for 15 days. So we were requested to stop payment of the said cheque and were told that someone will come and pick up a replacement cheque from our place. That was on the 14th of June.

The next call came on the 20th of June. Again, someone promised to come and collect the cheque that very day. No one landed till the 25th.

On the 25th, someone called again, to say they are coming. The person was to come by 1230 hours, because we had to leave for some place after that. At 1220, he calls to say he will be around in another "1-1.5 hours". So we said we will just drop the cheque. This Airtel executive knew that the cheque was going to the drop box that day.

Next morning, unceremoniously, the outgoing was barred for both the landline and the Broadband. We lodged a complaint to re activate the outgoing and gave the cheque nos. - at 1445 hours yesterday. At 1730 hours, i called to check the status of the request and was told that no request is pending for restoring outgoing. So i made another request at 1730 hours yesterday.

This morning, I checked at 0930 hours to find out the status of the request. I was told that no request is pending for restoring outgoing on this phone. Great. A new request was lodged and a new request no. was generated.

At 1230, i called again to find out the status of the request logged at 0930 hours. I was told that no request is pending to restore outgoing on this phone. At 1230, ahem, we have lodged another request to restore outgoing.

On all the 4 calls, the supervisor was "too busy" to speak to us. What's more, i specifically requested that a written escalation should be created for this request. No escalation was created by the Airtel BPO executive. His name was Naresh Kumar and the manager's name is Anupam Munshi.

This morning, i requested a call back and was promised that Mr. Munshi will call back within one hour. So far (its 1300 hours now) Mr. Munshi is too busy to speak to us or call back.

I raised a complaint at, but don't think anything is happening.. what do u suggest we do??


Neihal said...

The exact same thing happened to me , only half way though.....they lost my cheque and I found out only after they barred both my outgoing and broadband. So I had to cancel the earlier cheque ans issue another one and then wait for the clearance.

what made me mad was not that they lost my cheque but that they refused to take any responsibility what so ever !!!

Honestly I have no clue how to get these helplines to help and customer care to care for me...

mathew said... can call them and tell that you gonna complain in a consumer court!!

dharmabum said...

seek advice from the nearest consumer forum. online thingies are as fast as they are meant to be in our country. sue the guys. good luck!

Cinamon said...

You need to call them up and say you will hold the line till the time the Sup doesn;t comeonline. Once their call queue starts piling they immediately tranfer the call.

PS: raise your voice a lil... fare your nostrils... and you should get the desired effect.

Cyberkitty said...

Write them email threatening to take legal action and publicize in the media - it worked with Tata Indicom!

Pixie said...

We are having a similar problem!
We disconnected our broadband and phone since we shifted, but till date they haven't taken away the lines at our place nor have they come and taken away the insrtument and modem!
The phone bill generated was wrong and the lady said she will verify and call back, but nothing has happened till date!

Sifar said...

Airtel services sucks. I'm an insider as I used to work for Bharti Telecom (in IT dept.) in early 90s, when the cellphones were being introduced in India. Hopeless was thier customer services then and it appears that they have not gotten any better. They have the same old lame answers i.e. someone will get back to you, supers are busy, I see no request pending etc... Try action line, if HT still have one.