Friday, June 29, 2007

One more song that's poetry

With this song, I have never understood whether she is submitting herself or insulting her lover/listener big time.. its not just the lyrics of the song, its also the music, the pauses, and Neena Gupta's bindaas presence in the song.. All in all, i LOVE the mystery of this song..

शायराना सी है , ज़िन्दगी की फज़ा
आप भी ज़िंदगी का मज़ा लीजिये
मैं गज़ल बन गयी आप के सामने
शौक़ से अब मुझे गुनगुना लीजिये ..

आप सुन तो रहे हैं मेरे दिल की लय
इस मैं बेनाम सी इक उदासी भी है
इस उदासी में नग़मा कोई छेड कर
एक बचैन दिल की दुआ लीजिये..

आप के प्यार का जो भी मेयार है,
उस से कब जाने जां मुझ को इंकार है,
जिस तरह आप चाहें नज़र आऊं मैं,
मुझ को हर रंग में आज़मा लीजिये..

Shaayaraanaa si hai, zindagee kee fazaa
Aap bhee zindagee kaa mazaa leejiye
Main gazal ban gayee, aap ke saamne, shauk se ab mujhe gungunaa leejiye

Aap sun to rahe hain mere dil ki laya
Is mein benam see ik udaasi bhi hai,
Is udaasi mein nagma koee chhed kar
Ek baichain dil kee duaa leejiye..

Aap ke pyaar ka job hi meiyaar hai,
Us se kab jaane jaan mujhko inkaar hai,
Jis tarah aap chahcein nazar aaon main,
Mujh ko har rang mein aazmaa leejiye..

Really Bad Translation:

Life feels poetic, why don’t you come around, and enjoy it too?
Look at me, I turn into a poem right in front of you,
Take it to your lips and hum it as you like..

You, who can hear the rhythm of my heart,
Knows that there is also an unnamed sadness in it,
Strum a song to inhabit my sadness,
To bring peace to a sad heart..

Whatever be the standards of your love, darling,
I do not think them unfair..
I will present myself in the light that you desire,
Test me however you like…

PS: The song is from a little known film called "Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi" from the Mahesh Bhatt stable. I still think it was a very well made film.


Chiya said...

"I have never understood whether she is submitting herself or insulting her lover/listener big time "

Couldn't really percive the insulting tone, to me it was simple submission..
Nina Gupta was as ever fabulaous in this.

How do we know said...

You know, there is this impudence that says, you can torture me, but you cannot touch my soul. In that state, every test hurled upon the person is thrust back as an insult on the person administering the test. This song takes me awfully close to that state.. when she says, Jis tarah aap chaahein nazar aaon main, mujh ko har rang mein aazma leejiye... makes me smile.. if u love someone, why shld u want to test them at all?
And when the person u love "tests" your love, it breaks something inside you. Then you pass the tests, but they don't make a difference to you as a person.

dharmabum said...

hey, long time no see?

adi said...

a woman, is the mystery

Ekta said...

haa..i remember this movie...was a good though slightly depressing movie...

How do we know said...

Hi Dharma: Am around.

Hi Adi: That she is. :-)

Hi Ekta: Depressing, yes. But what amazing songs!

EXSENO said...

I think your Translation was very nice. It was very understandable and that is what matters. Sometimes it is very hard to give an exact translation.

Id it is said...

'Bad' or otherwise, the translation does reveal a depth of thought that only a romantic could fathom.

How do we know said...

Hi exseno and id it is: Thanks! And both those names are VERY unique.

Sahil said...

yep, it was submission....and Nina Gupta was fabulous...perhaps, even the movie was gud....the storyline was awesome...and pooja bhatt acted fact other songs of this movie are great as wel...