Sunday, October 14, 2018

On Navratri...

This post was written as the editorial of the children's newspaper. But applies to us adults even more, imho.
Over these nine days, we observe 9 goddesses. Do you notice something about them?

It took me almost 40 years to notice – Ma Amba, Durga, Vaishno – they are warrior goddesses. Do we think of finery, jewellery, or bindi when we think of warriors? No. We think of armour, rigid faces and hostility. Yet, look at her – there is kindness in her eyes, benevolence and grace in her form, jewellery and finery on her person – yet, her hands wield a steady sword. She is able to hold a flower in one hand, and weapons in another. There is no armour, no military uniform, nothing. She sits cross legged, erect and yet non-chalant, atop a lion.

Maybe that should teach us something about how we view ourselves.
Anne Frank, a 15 year old girl, defined herself as “A bundle of contradictions” in her diary. I am sure we all feel a little bit like that. And if you look at her, the goddess is a bundle of contradictions too. But see how calm and at peace she is with all these apparent “contradictions” – she is comfortable with every ounce of her being. The warrior is not uncomfortable with the homely saree. The sword does not shy away from the spiritual rosary, or a fine piece of jewellery. Somehow, when you look at the image of the goddess, it is perfect. All those parts – all those seeming contradictions, they are not contradictions at all. They are pieces of a whole that form a beautiful image WITH and not IN SPITE OF each other.

Maybe we should think of ourselves like that too. All the parts of our personality – all those seeming “contradictions” – they all BELONG together. We are perfect – in parts and as a whole. We may think that some parts of us don’t go so well with some other parts of us. But tell me, when you really think about it, is there even one reason why a warrior cannot wear bright red lipstick?

Some contradictions may be real, and some, a figment of our thoughts. But they are all  perfect - they all belong.

The next time you feel like doubting anything about yourself – remember that the Goddess slayed the demon wearing bright red lipstick.

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