Wednesday, July 11, 2018

On living

He did confess then.
“It is hard,” he had said,
Living on a raft
Some days
The tarpaulin needs to be brought out
For hours, even days,
Keeping out
a cocoon
Equal parts safety
And loneliness
Some days,
It is
The rough seas
The tides
And then
For hours
One doesn’t know
If the raft
will survive
or capsize
But that, he had said,
is the beauty
of the raft.
You cannot easily break something
that is already
broken down
to the barest bits.
Some days, he had said
are pure bliss too.
When the weather is calm
you can hear the waves
create that gentle splash.
on those days
he understands
how little we need
the walls
we are constantly building
around us.

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