Wednesday, June 27, 2018

On Depression

That moment when I'm quiet and reticent and say that i don't want to be around anyone, especially you?

 That is the precise moment when you should not leave me alone.

When i ask you to leave, stay.  When i say I'm not hungry, make sure there's food in the kitchen.  When i say I'm not sleepy, dim the lights and don't leave the room.  Pat me gently if I'll let you.

We are all children, living in a country of djinns.

You and I, we live in the same city, but in 2 different worlds.  My side is like the dark side of the mountain, and yours, the sunny side.  We cannot understand each other.  We miss the smallest cues, the biggest signals . The guides to Depression are confusing.  That's why i make it simple and easy. I come to your side of the mountain sometimes- sunny and bright and all that.  I've seen your village.  You've seen mine.  Like a badly made film, it's always gray in here.  


Z said...

One is never safe. But you are loved and you matter. Do take care and believe in yourself.

How do we know said...

Hey Z: Messaged you. Thank you!

kj said...

Beautifully written and shared. I hope depression doesn’t dwell in you for long periods and doesn’t overtake your daily life. I admire you, hdwk. I want you to thrive. (Ps I do understand the grey darkness too)

padmamanasa said...

what a nice writeup...

Onkar said...

Very nice

How do we know said...

Hey kj: Thank you for those beautiful, powerful words! Yes, intermittent, and one day at a time. It is important to remember that the mountain has 2 sides. :) I go to yours and Z's blog for inspiration and the infectious positivity that you bring to the world.

Hi padmamansa: Thank you!

Onkar sir: Thank you!