Wednesday, June 27, 2018

On Instinct

This is why you should trust your instinct: Your instinct is this massive AI engine inside your head, with a processing power for which we have not invented a term yet. It is hooked to the giant internet of other energy fields, other people's brains and it takes and processes inputs faster than your senses can acknowledge things. It knows, identifies and processes the micro expressions and the other sensory inputs, combines them with the wisdom gained from its own historical experiences and gives you a directive output.

Its not "intuition." - Its the world's best known super computer at work. And that is why you should listen to your "instinct". Its pure science.

PS: Within a week, two of my contrarian "instincts" have come out to be true. Am waiting for a third to happen. :)


Vandana Sharma said...

yes, at times we do have to follow them!

How do we know said...

Vandana ji: I have always found instinct to be more accurate than any analysis, even when it is telling me the exact opposite of reason. And was wondering why. Thank you for coming to the blog.