Saturday, January 20, 2018

Immortal Hindi film dialogues - my list

This post comes from Hitchie's post:

Here are mine:
1. "Zindagi lambi nahi, badi honi chahiye Babumoshai"
From Anand.

2. "Ek chutki Sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu!"
- God knows from where, but we have used and re used this dialogue God knows how many times!

3. "Inka naam hai, Pakeeza!"
From Pakeeza

In the movie, Raj Kumar wants to marry Meena Kumari. They find a maulvi on the way and he asks him to conduct the marriage. The maulvi asks for the bride’s name and she is unable to answer. Then Raj Kumar fills in, “Inka naam hai, Pakeeza.” I use this dialogue often to indicate that sometimes, we can reveal the true nature of something just by changing what we call it.

4. "Shahabuddin!!” – the way the mausi screams that name at the end is enough said for that person.

5.  "Pushpa, I hate tears!"
- Any Hindi movie buff worth their salt will know this one.

6. "Ja Simran, jee le apni zindagi... "
From DDLJ, that Ja Simran, Jee le apni zindagi... enough said.

Since Hitchie has covered all Sholay dialogues, I am not repeating them here. Consider them all repeated.
7. Mere Paas Ma hai...
I know, I know, this list is getting rather hachneyed and all that.. but hey, the  best is the best for a reason!
8. Main aaj bhi gire hue paise nahi uthata..
Before you shrug and give up, let me just give u the alternative uses of the dialog: Main aaj bhi microwave kiya hua khana nahi khata; main aaj bhi unironed uniform nahi pehnata.. and so on.

9. Mujhe pyaar ki nahi, thodi si izzat ki zaroorat hai - English Vinglish

The story is about this lady who is lovely, but doesn't know English. She goes to her sister in NY and secretly joins a class to learn English. Someone in the class falls for her. Her niece asks her if she will take it further. This is her response.

10. Garibi na Bhabhi, jaldi se samajh mein nahi aati. - Hindi Medium
An affluent couple tries to get EVS quota for their child's school admission and takes up residence in a low income society to qualify under EVS. You have to see the 2 sequences to understand why this is the best dialogue from the film.

I am going to add more as they come to mind. :)


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Ek chutki sindoor is from Om Shanti Om na???

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