Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Holi!

While growing up, we were not allowed to play Holi. To be fair, that was a time when Holi meant chemical colors. Home made colors were considered "cheap" and no one wanted to play with them.
When my son was born, I was very relieved to find people talking about herbal colors and non chemical formulations. And thanks to that, my son was able to enjoy Holi in a way that we never could.
Today's gratitude is for people who spoke about herbal, non chemical colors. That allowed m...e to experiment with food based permanent colors at home, making it a safe Holi for my son, and even converting the pater to smear just a little bit on us at home.
Me? I have sort of made up for all those years of missed Holi. tongue emoticon


Onkar said...

Very true. During our childhood, we never heard of herbal colours

Gentle Breeze said...

Nice thoughts HDWK...this holi I didnt....maybe next one with homemade rang :)