Friday, March 18, 2016

More Logic Puzzes

All these puzzles are starters for the Logc Grid variety of puzzles.
Houses on the Street

Sapna, Ashish and Bharat live in the same lane. Their houses are of different colors, but attached to each other and in the same lane. What we do not know, is:

A. Who lives in which colored house.

B. Which house comes first, which next, and which last.

See if you can answer both questions after the clues below:

  1. The red house is next to the blue house but not next to the green house.
  2. Sapna and Ashish are not neighbors.
  3. Bharat loves going to the green house to the left of his house.
  4. Sapna and Bharat never visit each other's house.
  5. The right most house comes first in the lane.




There was a robbery at Jaibagh Haveli. And everyone is amazed. Because, the said robbery was actually a set of group thefts. You, the detective, have met all the witnesses. Three things were gone. And you know that each one was taken by a different person. The things that are missing are a quartz clock, a diamond brooch, and a marble statuette. The three persons identified are Raju, Sheel and Pavan.


Here are your notes after a series of interviews:

  1. Pavan took the clock.
  2. Sheel did not take the brooch.
  3. We are a happy family.



This is a Real Place!

Enid Blyton loved writing about so many lovely places. Here is a real place for you to figure out. Out here, there are the Fabulous Three instead of the Famous Five : Codenamed: Alpha, Beta and Cama. . Each one has a pet : parrot, cat or dog, and each one lives in a different lane of the village – Salzbury, Cadbury, or Tomberry Lane.


Here are your clues, as usual:

  1. Alpha lives in Salzbury Lane.
  2. The parrot is owned by someone whose name starts with a vowel.
  3. The resident of Cadbury Lane is a girl.
  4. The Tomberry Lane resident lives in a white house and has a cat for a pet.
  5. Cama lives in Cadbury Lane.


Free for Four

The Natural Ice Cream Company is running a promotion. If 4 friends come in together, each of them gets an ice cream cone free. Abhay, Bhavana, Chandra and David walk into the parlor, each wearing a different color of shirt. Expectedly, no two of them chose the same flavor of ice cream either. The colors are : Red, Green, Blue, Orange. The flavors are: Chocolate, Orange, Vanilla and Pistachio.


See if you can figure out the color of the shirt and the flavour of icecream from the clues below.

  1. Abhay wears a green shirt and his ice cream is green too.
  2. Chandra and David have a curious combination – the color of Chandra's shirt is the flavor of David's ice cream.
  3. The boy in the red shirt likes chocolate flavored ice creams.
  4. Chandra likes Vanilla ice cream.



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