Thursday, April 07, 2016

Simple changes we have made in our life

Since quitting in October 2016, we have made some simple changes in our lives that have had a huge impact on our health and wellness..

  • No Aspertame . Plant a stevia and use the leaves.
  • Eat food that remembers where it came from. 
  • Food: Locally sourced, produced in India.  
  • We stopped eating organic dals when I realised that they don't sprout. We have gone back to the normal dals and they sprout and we are happy.
  • When you are sleepy - sleep. When you are hungry - eat. When you are not thirsty - still drink water. Missing someone? Call. When you are not well - don't pop a crocin and report to work. Rest and let your body recover.
  • Make your own stuff - it is easy to make labels for school, colors for holi, and diyas for Diwali.
  • Have a  kitchen garden - it doesn't matter how small it is - 2 pots, 3 pots.. anything. As a family, watch things grow. its very important to nurture and watch them grow.
  • Playing a lot of board games as a family, inviting anyone who visits to join in.
  • Meditate a little. And pray. Everyday. Even it if is a cursory bending of the head in front of the temple on the way out.



Onkar said...

Good observations

GentleBreeze said...

Great thoughts..and best of all not too difficult to follow like some of the recipes on food channels with all those god-knows-all ingredients :)