Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review of Krishna Sobti's "Yaron ke Yaar"

Read this book in a flight. I was looking forward to Krishna Sobti's book about men. So far, I have only read her in "Ae Ladki" and "Mitro Marjani"

I have to admit.. the crassness of the language got to me. I do believe it was possible to write about the subject (a govt office in the 1980s) without the at-least-5-gaalis-a-page ration.

The absence of a plot strikes one early on, and is a regret that stays till the end. There are no nuances to explore, and no layers to unfold. Just a whole series of crass dialogues spewed by characters at random intervals, and some characters pulled literally out of thin air and then left to rot, without maturing them or giving them a personality.

I left this book in the aircraft. You can save money by not buying it.

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Thanks for the review