Friday, October 23, 2015

Genetic Mutation?

I was not born to a cocoon
sentenced to one
so I could emerge
radiant, ready, ripe.
But that's not how it played out.
When I emerged
I found
Ridicule, leer, criticism
That's how I retreated
to the cocoon

This is not
a genetic mutation.
A personal response
to your collective stimuli.



The Cloudcutter said...

Well written. The economy of words and straightforward delivery make a sharp impact. As for the subject, I can relate :-)

How do we know said...

Hey Cloud Cutter: Thanks! And yes, I think we can all sort of relate. That's why we blog. This is a safe place. The cocoon we built for ourselves.

my space said...

HI HDWK...yeah totally relate to it...but the caterpillar is now a butterfly...different and refuses to conform to what the society wants :-)