Saturday, September 12, 2015

Natural Born Children - the Orphans of our Policy Making

When you go to adopt a child, you have to convince the govt that you are financially, emotionally and physically fit to take care of a child.

You know why the IVF industry is flourishing? One reason could be that when you have a natural born child, you do not have to prove this fitness to anyone. IF they tried, a lot of parents wouldn't be able to prove this fitness.

And that's the thing. If the govt ensures a safe and secure environment for an adopted child, why are natural children the govt's orphans? Why doesn't the govt guarantee the same security to the natural descendants of their parents?


Onkar said...

Pertinent questions

The Cloudcutter said...

I've always believed that people should be made to pass stringent mental, physical, and emotional tests before they are allowed to procreate. Hardly a practical solution I know, what with a population like ours... Perhaps in an ideal world :-)

How do we know said...

Onkar Sir: Yes, but if the govt asks these, how will they get elected?

How do we know said...

hi Cloud Cutter: But I totally agree with you. It is specifically in a population like ours that we need to ensure that a person is able to take care of a child before the said child is brought into the world. The State will support if the family meets some tragedy that they have not prepared for, but I think that Insurance and Financial, Emotional and Physical tests should be mandatory before the govt gives an identity to the child. If the child is denied a birth certificate, people will start to come for the screening before trying to conceive.

Oh wait, I forgot abt the neo nationalists who will stand up for people's right to procreate.