Monday, September 14, 2015

What men must know about courting women over 35

This came up in a chat with a friend.. when we were discussing what we want men to know abt women above 35..

  1. If you can't ask for the girl, you don't deserve her.
  2. We know the difference between a fling, a FB, a romance, a marriage, and everything in between. So just tell us what you want. Don't beat around the bush. And we will tell u if that works for us.
  3. Unlike what most men think, most women above 35 have no time for drama in their lives.
  4. We are absolutely ok with our weight, looks and clothes. Anything you say to flatter or provoke, will not work. Don't try it.
  5. If its a short term reln, make that clear.
  6. You are never going to be our soulmate. Our girlfriends are our soulmates. Unless you have spent 15 years bringing up children with us (you have not), brought hot towels to manage cramps, and held our hand while our child was sick, you are not going to be our soulmates. Don't try it.
  7. We don't want to hear about your day, your politics/ sports. Unless we love you (and we don't), we really don't care.
  8. Conversation with a woman above 35 is a privilege. You are not likely to be that privileged.
  9. We nod when you talk. Its just who we are. We are empathic. It doesn't mean we are interested in you.
  10. We don't dress to please men. Or Women. EVER. We might dress to please the kids. SOMETIMES.
  11. Don't be cheap, even if we say its all OK.
  12. The fastest way to lose a woman over 35, is to take her for granted. Her husband already did that.
  13. Don't waste your time giving signals. There are no signals. Read Point 1.


The Devil wears Prada said...


Breathtakingly Succint !!!

Some of us have to struggle/bear with point no: 2 - day in and day out - to that extent ...that it becomes pathetically hilarious ...
From 'I thought I would continue extending support ..... ' to ...'Would want to be in touch for life, because you are a nice person '.... the repository is so richly diverse, so hypocritical,so full of B..S...;that once the stink settles down,find myself chuckling about it .


Onkar said...


Himanshu Tandon said...

Hmm...About soulmates....


How do we know said...

Hi Anju: :) Familiar pains :)

Onkar sir: Thank you!

HT: Yeah... well.. u r right. Again. :)