Saturday, September 26, 2015

If you are my child..

I want you to always remember this:
1. I love you to bits. But I will make a good human being out of you yet.
2. Discipline is only as important as the air you breathe.
3. Work hard.
4. Remember that the most important thing is - how did you make that person feel. That's all they will remember.
5. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
6. Once every 24 hours, Saraswati is sitting on your tongue, to make an utterance come true.
7. Work hard.
8. There is no substitute for personal discipline. You will thank me later.
9. naam Japo, wand chako, kirat karo.
10. Stay Grounded.
11. Value the person, not his clothes.
12. The world doesn't owe u anything.
13. Be Kind.
14. Always respect ppl who love u.
15. Plant a tree.
16. Smile. Often.
17. Look up at the sky. Now repeat.
18. Do pranayama everyday.
19. Learn to write your thoughts. Then, later in life, when you are confused and don't know how you feel, open your diary/phone/laptop, and start writing. It will all make sense.(PS: This last one is a life hack)
20. Don't be with people who don't make you feel positive. It doesn't matter how important they are.
21. Your self worth comes from you. It doesn't come from your salary, your spouse, or your education. It comes from YOU.
22. You can always do SOMETHING. You just can't think of it right now. But the options exist.
23. Mansa, Vacha, Karmana.. - Your thoughts, your words, your actions.


Onkar said...

Gems- all of them.

Himanshu Tandon said...

Good one..
I would make #3 and #7 as #3 and #4 (if it was intentional)