Wednesday, August 05, 2015

I want to talk abt
crushing pain
the kind that
falls on ur head
and u die.
it hasn't been invented yet.
we seem to be able to
whether we want to
or not.


Id it is said...

Experiencing the blues? "This too shall pass" is what Browning would say.

How do we know said...

Id it is: Yeah.. the thing is, Gulzar said it way better - Dhalta Kyun nahi sailab-e-gham se, agar ye jism mitti ka bana hai..

Lucifer said...

You know whats on repeat mode in my head
"maula mere lele meri jaan"

I know how that feels, and don't want anyone to go through that. Please take care

Himanshu Tandon said...

Well that kind of crushing pain can be brought upon by running head on into a truck, train, or simply diving heads down from any building 10 floors or higher...

I am sorry but I totally miss the point on this one. We breathe not because we want to but because we are wired in our DNA to survive. Those who wish to terminate their existence can always do so.

Onkar said...

Lovely lines