Saturday, August 29, 2015

Anger and Love

When my son was very young - perhaps around 2 years or so, he used to throw temper tantrums often. So one day I told him, "I know why you get angry. Jab hamari pyaar ki battery down ho jaati hai to vo khali jagah gusse se bharti hai. Come, let me recharge ur pyaar ki battery."

And I used to hug him tight after that. At first, he was zapped. Then, he started hugging back even when he was angry.

Today, we recharge each other's "pyaar ki battery" often. When I am mad at him, he remembers to ask me, "Aapki pyaar ki battery low ho gayi hai na?"

And then I realised, its true for adults too. When the heart is full of love, anger finds no place. When love diminishes, then anger appears - in small doses at first. If we do not recharge the batteries of love, the empty space is taken over by anger.


Deepak said...

haha.. "so pyaar ki battery" = "Jaadu ki jhappi" :)

The Cloudcutter said...

That's a lovely thought :-)

kj said...

aw thank you for these words and this reminder in front of me this morning. i am going to tuck it in my pocket and carry it with me.

hope you are well!