Tuesday, December 04, 2012

We, the Disablers. Thoughts on Disability Day

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Why do Russians get along just fine in Russia? Why do Germans get along just fine in Germany? And why do the blind get along just fine in a Blind School, but really poorly outside? Why do some places witness more inbound migration than some others?

Because these environments are ENABLED for them. When a culture is open and accepting, when it wants to learn, and to enrich itself through further interaction with cultures it knows nothing about, then it becomes an ENABLING culture – it enables itself to continually grow, and it enables other people to become comfortable in itself.

Therefore, if you find a certain section of people “just plain unfortunate” or “so different from us” – please remember, they are not the disabled, we are the disablers.

Compared to a dog, our sense of smell is severly hampered and we are, in the eyes of the dog, quite literally, “smell disabled”. Likewise, a cat’s ability to see in the dark is far higher than ours and to the cat, we appear quite “disabled”, almost blind for half of our lives – the entire night, since we can’t see beyond a certain range at all.

So, in effect, we are all “disabled”. But it never affects our ability to go on with our lives, and does not impact our ability to lead productive lives. Because we have enabled the world to make the best use of the faculties that we do have, and to help us with the stuff that we don’t have. Keyword: we have “enabled” the world.
Why is it not that way for the blind, or the deaf-mute, or the other differently abled? Because we have not enabled this world for their kind of disability. Only for ours.

Today, the World Disability Day is not for the people we call "disabled". It is for us - the Disablers.


Frog-in-the-Well said...

And sometimes, the so called abled get disabled in given situations.. Try reading your SMS while driving. If you can't, are you visually impaired ? The environment has made you disabled..
Very nicely articulated and thought provoking blog..

How do we know said...

:) ty.