Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why a Delhi woman must have a pre approved gun licence

I have lived in Delhi for 9 years. in these 9 years, i have been married, changed jobs, and also had a baby. I have driven the car at any time of night or day. The Other was a very concerned spouse, and i would tell him, "You should be very scared of someone who is not scared of death. Bring it on. "

Friday night, i was too scared to drive out in Delhi at 2130 hours, with a tentative return time of 2300 hours. For the first time ever. Because i wasnt scared to die, but i was very scared of being in a hospital like that.

The sheer outrage at being scared lasted 2 days. Then this morning, i got up and knew exactly what i was going to do. I am going to apply for a gun licence. Then, i am going to invest in a small automatic pistol with silencer. Then, i am also going to invest in shooting lessons.

When they ask me why i need a gun license, i will tell them this:

In this city, your police stands up and declares that it cannot protect women after dark. Now, there is proof that it cannot protect women even in broad daylight. If you cant protect me, i have a right to protect myself. In fact, the police should pay for my license and pistol because i m making their task easier. i am doing what they are supposed to do in the first place.

And while we are at it, remember that government slogan - educate a man and u educate a person. educate a woman and u educate a family. The same applies to guns. Empower a man and u are creating one safe citizen. Empower a woman and you are protecting the family.

As part of a public safety drive, all women above the age of 18 should be entitled to a pre approved gun licence and the  budget should come from the government, which collects taxes but does not do something as basic as physical safety.

I want to see the rape statistics once the men know all women have a right to carry a pistol. And use it in self defence.


Himanshu Tandon said...

Here is how you can do it:

1. On receiving the application, the licensing department of Delhi Police checks if the applicant has a past criminal record and verifies address

2. Neighbours are questioned whether the applicant gets involved in brawls and arguments in the neighbourhood frequently

3. The applicant is then called for an interview with DCP to determine if he is mentally, physically sound

4. The applicant should also have a 'valid' reason for wanting to own a gun. Self-defence is counted as one of the reasons.

This is the link to the form:


How do we know said...

Go HT!! maine nahi bhi leni hoti to ab le leti.. now all i need is someone who knows the DCP. :)

Pooja Sharma Rao said...

absolutely right,no woman is safe till all women are !

Z said...

A dreadful, dreadful crime has been committed and I only hope that poor woman's ordeal (and her male friend's) will lead to changes. I've never felt uncomfortable in India, including a time I was lost in Delhi late at night and helped by a kind auto rickshaw driver who drove me around until I recognised my hotel, though I told him at the start that I only had a few rupees. So those terrible men are not typical of all Indian men, most of whom must be as appalled as we are.

Frog-in-the-Well said...

Agree with everything except the following:
" Empower a man and u are creating one safe citizen"
- I think it should rather be, " Empower a man and u are creating a nuisance"

How do we know said...

Hi Pooja: very right.

Hi Z: Thank you for thinking of this in the middle of the holiday season. its not easy to think of things like this when one is celebrating, so its very special that you did. Yes, it is only a few men, but Oh! the damage that they can cause.

Hi FITW: ha ha ha ha ha!!! loved that comment!