Tuesday, September 04, 2012

black and white in a world of greys..

Always, Always, you must come home. It is in your destiny like the lines in your hand. always, you must come back, after the hunt and the expedition, to that one place that means home to you. the lap of the woman you love, the laughter of your children, the gong of the favorite church bell, even the familiar weeds in an overgrown park - who can tell, what you call home? But we can tell, for as long as we have been around, that when a man does not come home, he gets lost pretty soon. But always, they have to find their way home. it is their destiny. If the home is not real any more, you create your own cocoon - in your mind. into that mind, you retreat every night, a fugitive from the bare rocks of your reality. but you make yourself a home. and Always, you must go back to it.


Mia said...

"You create your own cocoon."

That fits my life. Thank you for writing this.

BK Chowla, said...

Absolutely.You ome back home

How do we know said...

Hi MIa: :-) fits most of us.

Chowla sir: coming from you, the veracity is established. you have traveled and you have on your side what we still dont have - experience and wisdom that comes from this experience.

adee said...

yes, home is everything. whether a physical space or a in our mind, we all long to return to that one place where we feel true to ourselves. if we don't, then it doesn't matter of you've the biggest residential space or the best of families possible.