Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Someday, when you are alone..

Someday, when you are alone, you will come for me..
By then, the corn in my body, will have sprouted many, many children..
And my wings, the ones that scared you away, will have dried, gone pale, and then golden..
If you had waited, you would know (but what is the use of knowing now)
You would know, that the wings on me, are the wings of the homing pigeons
You will see, when you come, the high cheekbones and the still sharp nose.
And i will show you
The downcast eyes, the covered head.
Someday, when you are alone, you will come for me.

Picture : A sculpture i saw  at the Heard Museum, Arizona. The sculpture was so powerful that the blog post wrote itself.


Anonymous said...

Devastatingly beautiful

You Know Me Very Well said...

Wow... amazing sculpture and an equally touching post. you almost brought out the soul and beared it in your words..the words expressed are so honest and powerful indeed !

Himanshu Tandon said...

Very nice...

The sculpture melted into words..incredible.

kj said...

i read many poems, and i will say without a pause this is the best i have written maybe ever.

loss, longing, change, and still faith.

i am glad to be here, hdwk.


A said...

Simply superb.

kj said...

I meant to say read, not written :-)

Gentle Breeze said...

Beautiful words..great feel n eloquence

ye na thee hamaree qismat ke wisaal-e-yaar hota.. Mirza Ghalib

try this page.. what a beautiful ghazal.. and well translated..

How do we know said...

Hi Anonymous: thank you!

Hi Yam: thank you :-) no credit to me tho.. the post just wrote itself.

hi HT: thanks! how have u been?

Hi A: thanks.

Hi kj: whoa! thats a biig compliment ! thank you!!

Hi GB: thanks. i know this ghazal. :-)

Mridula Harshvardhan said...