Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what i learnt after watching 3 episodes of satyamev jayate

1. on one hand, we are killing our female foetuses because they are.. well, female.

2. we are also killing our brides and wives at the rate of 1 per hour because they are... well, female.

3. if you decide to get married and pay dowry, you are likely to end up in the icu in a foreign country, supported by the emergency services. or, u might commit suicide, in your own room. OR, you will be kindly pushed down the nth floor by your inlaws.

4. if you decide to refuse marriage as soon as the first demand for dowry (or anything in the nature of "contribution to family") comes up, you are likely to end up with a guy who wants to marry you - just because.

5. female children are killed because they have to be married off someday and there will be dowry. female brides are killed because they were married. ergo, marriage is bad for society because it leads to increased female mortality.

basically, i learnt that when women learn to say NO, they will find around them, a thousand accusing fingers, and maybe just one supportive hand. try and be that one supportive hand. please.


Onkar said...

yes, we should stand solidly behind them

Gentle Breeze said...

Well summed up...
On the lighter side...behind every successful man there is a woman...what about the unsuccessful ones...well they are running behind the women..:-)
each one of us can contribute...the degree and quantum may vary

How do we know said...

onkar sir: yes.

hi GB: ha ha.. lol at they are running behind the women..