Monday, May 14, 2012

vain hope, vainer thought

they will
wont they
make an account
of all the sighs
and the tears
of the earth?

they will, wont they,
in some bizzare cosmic audit
unearth the sins
that were bled and then buried?

someday, they will,
wont they
explain to me
just that...



kj said...

this is wonderful.

i don't think so. i'm learning (fast) the real answers lie within and some are unexplainable.

i always like to hear from you and read what you've written, hdwk ♥

How do we know said...

hi kj: i LOVE reading you and hearing from you too, kj!

yes, thats why the piece is titled - vain hope, and vainer thought.

Himanshu Tandon said...

Sometimes not knowing a reason is a blessing in disguise. It prevents you from being lied to and deceived in the process....

This is what comes to my mind...

you wish
they will
frame someone else
construct a coverup story
& come up with a justifiable lie
and thus blanket
all the sighs
all the tears
the bleeding sins
and all that needs an explanation

and you will
on that day
close your eyes
and shun your ears
to see anything else
or hear anything more
the apology would be accepted
and a new clean slate be issued
for fresher wounds
and sinister hollow promises
only to walk the loop
in this timeless abyss....

Chiya said...

hmm.. finally poetry samajh mein aaney lagi mujhe

How do we know said...

Hi HT: can i super duper like ur comment??? agar ye facebook hota to kya baat thi!!

Hi Chiya: tumhe? to itni badhiya jo likh rahi thi, vo prose tha?