Monday, May 14, 2012

on childhood sexual abuse

right after Aamir Khan talks about it, the subject trends on our collective consciousness for the whole week. hats off to him for doing that.

one thing hit me in the show yesterday - children were not able to explain to their parents what was happening. that was important - one thing was the knowledge that it was "wrong" - but there was another - they did not have the WORDS to explain to their parents what was happening (i think i noticed it most in Harish's narrative. )

and this morning, i realised - shoulder is shoulder, but penis is "pee pee". stomach is stomach, but vulva is.. .well, mostly unnamed!

how can children explain what is happening if they dont even know the names of the organs they want to talk about. it is easy to say "my knee is hurt." because you know that your mother knows what "knee" means and what "hurt" means. but try explaining the EXACT same thing to a parent with your vocabulary of the names of organs .

and that, imho, is an important practical problem. teach your kids the names of ALL their organs, and functions. this is your penis. you use it to pass urine. this is your bum. within this bum, is a hole called the anus. you use it to pass solid waste. urine is liquid waste. potty(or whatever word you use for it) is solid waste.

take the shame out of it, and we might see a lot of children opening up about their organs.

while on CSA, i HAVE to talk abt the wonderful work that this blog has been doing for at least 2 years now - read survivor stories, get tips, talk to other people. -

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