Saturday, September 17, 2011

We, who live in chains..

we, who live in chains ,
should not
talk about freedom
like we own it
or even like
we are hurt
if someone else does not ask for it.

we, who live in chains
coated in club memberships
and "own" houses
chauffeur driven cars
and protected addresses
have no right to complain
unprotected hearts
left around
to dry in the sun.
in every sense of the word.

We, who live in chains
should not
try to
too loud
lest the sighs
the genial laughter
and spill
the tarmac
of the personal helipads.


kj said...

my god, this is good! i love the rhythm of it all and the message is both chilling and cautionary.

wealth and privilege can do its onw disservice when comes to living real and true. you've said that so so well.

been thinking about your hospital post. things like that happen here in the u.s. too but i have the ability and means to scream from the highest flagpole. i hope that family will heal in time

always nice to visit you. i'm starting to want to know more bout your life. is that okay?


How do we know said...

my dear kj: Thank you! Want to know more about my life is not just ok, its a privilege. My best friends are the friends i made on this blog, and the friends one made as a child :-) and of course, all my heart is laid bare on this blog..

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

loved it...a wonderful composition... :)

Varun said...

we, who live in chains,
live not.
we would rather
our existence
saving flowers from the bees
and putting smiles back
on faces
we rob them of.

we, who live in chains,
live to preach
a simple life
free of chains.

we, who live in chains,
are busy idling
than driving
for fear of
others, who live in chains,
and are busy idling
than driving.

How do we know said...

Hi Varun: Speechless. As usual.

Onkar said...

Lovely lines. I liked the smooth flow.

How do we know said...

Onkar sir: Thank you.

Adee said...

hum jo bandhe hain khud hi ki bediyon mein, kaise ye jaan payenge ki khokhli muskurahaton ke paar ik jahan aur bhi hai, jahan hath mein paisa na sahi, par sacchi bhook ke sapne zaroor hain

Varun said...

adee: poets are supposed to be poor. what are you doing earning big bucks?

How do we know said...

Hi Varun: he is making those big bucks so he can throw a party for chillar party blog friends like your truly. Sorry cldnt help butting into the conversation :-)