Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dr A K Singh and Dr. Sanjeev Dua Fortis Hospital Noida

When i first read about the death of Rupali Sharma and another unknown patient due to negligence at FortisHospital, Noida, my blood boiled. These doctors should be charged with murder, not medical negligence.
I posted about it on the blog and hoped that at least some people will decide against Fortis, or at least spread the word. Personally, i would not like to take someone i love to these doctors. I may go to the hospital itself but not to these doctors. EVER.

And today, i am happy to report that, there are more and more people googling to find out about the case - its gone VIRAL! So , dear Readers, please.. do your bit.. spread the word.


Anonymous said...

HDWK please share a link to the case. This is really, really sad and shocking.

In another case in Kerala, a dead man who was being taken for his funeral was found to be alive by his family, it seems his father noticed his leg move! Later it was found that the doctors had put him in ICU and were charging huge amounts, and claiming he would die if he was taken off the ventilator.

Anonymous said...

A link.

Esha - People for the Blind said...

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kj said...

i am happy happy to know that something wrong is being seen. there is power in that and i thank you for making sure i know.

i hope you can come and read my poem called 'astonishment'. i would love your opinion of it.


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