Monday, June 29, 2009

The Ladakh Diary - Day 3

This was the day we took a trip to the Civil Hospital.
As it happened, yours truly had a case of oedema and was sent to the hospital for a checkup. Though we were expecting some degree of mountain sickness, we weren’t quite prepared for this. I was admitted on the spot and the doctor said “Under observation till 6 p.m. and then we will see.” They did not even let me go back to the hotel to grab a book! So there it was, a day when we should have been at the Tsomiriri lake, we were at the Sonam Norbu Memorial Hospital. It has really committed nurses and good doctors. The manager of the hotel came with us to make sure all went well with us. There was no place in the “tourist ward” which meant I stayed in the standard “Casualty Ward” with the oxygen pinned in. The Other was there throughout, and I felt bad for ruining his holiday. Finally, at about 5, he came back to the hotel and I got out at 6 myself. Back at the hotel, I felt much better, but that room doesn’t do much to promote one’s health, so I stayed clear out of it.
At night, the rooms get warm enough, so it was easy to manage at night.

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