Monday, June 29, 2009

The Ladakh Diary - Day 2

Disclaimer: This series is being done only for the benefit of junta planning a holiday to this destination. This is just our experience. Take it or leave it, or skip it.

Day 2:
We decided to start with the palaces and monastries in the Hemis Monastry segment. This trip also gave me first hand exposure to the Tibetan refugees. And the incredible wealth of the monastries. Mentally, I calculated the power and the wealth lying there, and gaped in open shock. I had no idea!!

On another note, at one place, much to our delight, the lamas were practicing the lama dance and we had such a great time watching them.

We also covered all the 3 palaces – Shey, Stok and Leh. Leh palace – the oldest and the best by far. THAT, is a piece of history, and VERY intriguing. Unlike other palaces, this one has no public gallery, private quarters et al. There are no guides, no printed material to guide one through the maze. But this, if anything, is the most intriguing part of Leh, if history is any interest of yours.

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Mampi said...

ini choti post? bahut na-insaafi hai thakur...
chalo we will googlofy many things and get the history.