Saturday, December 01, 2007

Aaja Nach Le banned

WTF! I mean, WTF! The "offending" line is "Mochi sanjhe khud ko sunaar re" मोची समझे खुद को सुनार रे..

Roughly translated, that means, even the blacksmith imagines that he is the goldsmith. These are occupations and not castes.

Ms Mayawathi should focus on making life such that it is not considered inferior to be a mochi(blacksmith). That social change is hers to make, now that she has the power. Banning a film like that makes her extremely laughable.

Madhuri Dixit must be thanking her stars that she is settled in the US, and not in India. I mean, people, THINK!! There is a limit to being stupid and ultra sensitive. We seem to be so overly concerned with our rights that we have no time to think about our contribution, if any.

Some years ago, roughly 70 years ago, we let our politicians run riot with public manipulation. The result was a Pakistan in 10 years flat. What are we coming to this time, with caste and religion? If people do not stand up against being manipulated, they have only themselves to blame for their loss. The politicians will continue to sell the Taj, pun absolutely intended.


MM said...

I am glad that u have written on this! Was thinking on the same lines, but hv got used to the fact that the biggest absurdities are passed off as the most commonplace events these days..

~nm said...

Totally agree with you! Why is everyone hell bent on making a mountain out of a mole hill? And out of something which was not a hill in the first place!!

Just atrocious!!

Sifar said...

Racism is skin deep. And the political pigs will always exploit it to their advantage. "United we stand" has been the motto of USA after 9/11, but Indian political pigs still are doing what British did more than 50 years ago - "Divide and Rule".

Sifar said...

Also, I visited your blog after a long time as I was not spending too much time on i-net. So please accept my "Vadhaiyaan" on your having a son. If this is your first then let me tell you, "The party has just begun".

EXSENO said...

No matter what a persons job or occupation, they should be proud of it and no one should look down on another. Of course you're right, to get anything at all done in any country people must stand together and let their voices be heard. Good post.

Aurora Sky said...

i thought 'mochi' was a cobbler...maybe i was wrong..
btw, thanks for ur comment on my page..glad u liked the new look..i think u will like the name too (espc the aurora part)..and i know why..u and i share that part in common :)

How do we know said...

Hi mm:"the biggest absurdities are passed off as the most commonplace events these days" i soo agree.
How have u been? I liked ur review of the film.

Hi ~nm: :-) thank you!

Hi Sifar: Thank you for the vadhaiyan! :-) How have u been? I just heard about a separate prayer room for Sikhs on one of the airports in the US. Why can't they just have a prayer room where anyone can go spend some time? My college used to have a meditation room with no idols, just some nice words hanging on the walls, and some sofas, and a carpet on the floor. You could help yourself to a mat to sit on or lie down. what do u think?

Hi exseno: true. People should be proud of their own vocation, and not find it inferior, like it happened in this case.

Hi aurora sky: Yes, mochi is cobbler, but i thought blacksmith would also be a valid translation. Perhaps i was wrong :-)

Swati said...

I agree with you word by word by mayawati's law ..a teacher should not called a teacher and a doctor should not be called doctor :-P