Thursday, July 26, 2007

Growing Weary of the World .. again.

Read Dollar Bahu by Sudha Murthy last night. Not her best writing, but the message comes across.

I have been blogging a lot lately, but the interest has shifted to my other blog - . I find that world a tad better, and infinitely more interesting.

Some days i get the feeling that we live in 2 different worlds. One world is too starved to worry about any higher need on Maslow's heirarchy. The other world is too stuffed with goodies to have a genuine care, and therefore invents issues to protest about. Maslow was wrong. When the food and safety needs are taken care of, we do not go towards self realisation. We go towards being more judgemental, narrow minded, and in general, non-adjusting.

All of Delhi is going through this trouble of non availability of public transport. Suppose each car vallah and bike vallah were to stop at one bus stop, ask people where they are going, and offer a lift to anyone going in his direction? Would that ease the situation a little bit?
But cars zip past on Delhi roads with one passenger each.

What does one do with a world like that?
What is there to blog about?

And then, I grew weary of the world
And sought
a little peace
to sleep in.
No news
of deaths or births or attempted deaths
Nothing to say
to anyone.
On anything.

There is no need
to say
if nothing is done
there is a need
to do.


Something to Say said... small step each one of us takes - will make a big step of difference for all of us..but really how many people think like that? And those of us, who do, do we implement our thots?

Id it is said...

Profound thoughts! Truly said; if I can partake in the problems of the man who stands beside me and he do the same the problems get divided by two; imagine if every man on the face of the earth were to do the same! World problems would be halved; a Utopian scenarion, unfortunately!

Loved your poem!

Anonymous said...

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The Phosgene Kid said...

Pay it forward and help someone out. Just be careful who you pick up, especially down by the prison.

dharmabum said...

dear whoever knows who you are,

i love you for this post.

i think there is a need to say. and keep saying. who knows it might strike a chord or ring a bell somewhere. like it did with a dunce in me, now, as i read this :)

not to mention - doing what we can.

the 2 world theory is quite profound. just yesterday, i was thinking about ppl who never have the chance to have fun - they have to grow up way too soon.

Di said...

u mirrored my thoughts here....I also happen to believe that the more people are provided for, the more they'll complain about things that are more trivial.sad....

Wriju said...

I wonder if in calling the world judgemental, narrow and hypocritical I myself become one. Would I stop my car and give someone a lift?

I loved your poem :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope things pick up for you in this world as well as the others!! Meanwhile I finally got off my backside and added a link to your site... Look at is as though I finally pulled over and offered you a ride. Sorry it took so long.

I enjoy your poetry, please do more.

How do we know said...

Hi Something to say: We do not control whether other ppl will act. We can just act ourselves.
I am a very doing-small-things person. Perhaps the reason why i can't do a lot of big things :-)

Hi id it is: True. The bad thing is, that in a society that was not as well endowed as we are, people did go to each other with troubles. Wonder what happened to people like that?

Hi PG: Ha ha! yep, will do that!

Hi Dharma: You already do a lot of small things.. like Jadoo ki jhappi on ur recent post..:-)

Hi Di: True. And the saddest part is when we also join the ranks.

Hi Wriju: Absolutely, i do. In fact, that is one of things worrying one - the amount of judgementalism that has creeped into the blood stream from god knows where. Am trying to get rid of that.
That "poem".. well, thanks!

Hi PG: Thanks a ton for the link!
Thank you also for the nice words about the writing. I don't usually write poetry.. but will post if there is another one. :-) Have a Gud Day!

Cyberkitty said...

I've seen many cars stopping and picking up people from the bustop, but sadly they were not going my route. Its good the buses are back on the road.

Neihal said...

I kinda agree. But the thing is we both know, the world way too practical to bother and so are we most of the time.

adi said...

come to delhidreams :) and rest your weary soul... btw, did u read dee's poem or not, above the hindi wali poem? and the other blogs have gone into hiding as i'd nothing to put them on :) haven't deleted them yet.

Keshi said...

its so hard to TRUST ppl today...thats the problem.


EXSENO said...

Very nice post.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope you are feeling a bit more chipper!!!

adi said...

hey, where is my hindi version. m waiting for it. jaldi karo :)

How do we know said...

Hi Cyberkitty: Yep, thank god the buses are kind of back, but so is the killing spree. :-(

Hi Neihal: Hmm...true, I guess.

Hi Adi: I did read and like both the poems, but the Hindi was too gud!

Hi Keshi: To that, i would say Yes and No. As The Other says, i would start out by trusting, and move to mistrust if things go wrong. What say?

Hi exseno: Thanks!

Hi PG: Yep, I am... esp. after yesterday. The weather also got better here.. we got the rains! Did you get the showers there yet? let me just go to your blog and find out.

Hi Adi: Will do it today. :-)

adi said...

kuch nahi
jsut wishing u luck

The Phosgene Kid said...

WE have had our monsoons come through and have had rain off and on. Not as much as I'd like to see, but it is early in the season yet. On the downside the humidity is really up.

Mai said...

My husband Mani used to say that we Sikhs are aliens or tourists, or maybe students on a field trip. This isn't our world and these aren't our values, and it's both futile and frustrating to try to make sense of it.

So we just do our best to help the natives be happier and more comfortable and to realise somewhere within themselves that there really is something better. While we strive to experience the jot of God in each.

Arrogant? Elitist? Maybe a little. But it makes this world and this kalyug a little more bearable.

Helping strangers is dangerous where I live. But I have found when I act from a loving, joyful heart, it works out well. And for all the unselfish help I've received, the best I can do is pay it forward.

I'll be thinking about this post for a long time.

How do we know said...

Mai: i have to tell you this.. lots of times, i have to think of your comment.. lots of times, when i feel like a total misfit in the world, i think of this comment.. and take heart from it.. it is true, that - we are indeed tourists in the world around.. we do the best that we can and move on.. Thank you for that comment.. u have no idea how much it has helped.