Monday, December 10, 2007

Review of Research paper service

I recently reviewed a fairly, ahem, uncommon service – that of writing your term papers or research papers for you. This is the first time that I have heard of such a service, though God knows there are hundreds of times that I have wished for it in life!

First things first, the color scheme of the site is nice, serious and muted (such a relief from the deluge of yellow, orange and red sites), but more than that, it’s the content on the home page. "Why us?" is directly followed by "what to do", and then there is a bold text on the right to buy the product. Perfect under-1minute-selling!

What do I not like? The login section does not have a “Get a Login” link. That could have been another selling opportunity. You may not give a person a login unless he’s paid, but you can tell him that, and take him/her to the order page from there. And the bold, big Order Now text on the right does not have a link. I don’t believe this! In fact, from the home page, one has no idea of how to order! Also, if you are a writer and want to offer your skills, there is no place on the home page to do that either.

I like research, and therefore like people who are serious about research, or offer services that make it possible for other people to do good, serious research. We get no idea of the antiquity of the organisation from the site, but it appears to be a new place. Here’s hoping it works out well if it is new(i.e., if the site is still under construction), and that it gets the website links working if it is old.

And these are the links that I need to put in this post.

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Z said...

I've received this message from Blue Witch, a friend who reads my blog. She doesn't have a Blogger account so has asked me to send her message to you.

Just popped over from z's...

Probably shouldn't say this, and no doubt you'll delete it, but...

This kind of cheating (and, make no mistake, it is cheating, and if students get found out, they will be thrown off their course) really dismays me.

Bloggers promoting this sort of cheating as a good thing (however desperate they may be for money) is something beyond my comprehension.

Did you go to university (or your country's equivalent)? I haven't looked... but, if you did, you are devaluing all the hours you put into getting your qualification with this kind of false 'advert'.
I am dismayed.

I must say, the first thing I thought when I read your post was 'but isn't this cheating?' It goes beyond helping with research if it writes your papers for you.

There are a number of websites offering this service in this country and it is quite a problem for colleges and universities.

purplehomes said...

hey..come on i am sure there must be some event that you'll be able to attend with ur kiddo...or i can babysit for u ;))

How do we know said...

Hi Z (for Blue Witch):
I will not delete it, and am really glad you said it. :-)

Yes, when you put it that way, it is cheating, and you almost made me feel sorry for having taken up the review.
But then i thought some more.

First, I have not promoted
it. I have merely reviewed the website. That, in itself, does not say whether i recommend its use.

This comment is also not to defend my review or the website, and I am glad to be having this discussion with you.
(btw, the money is immaterial, and i m really not desperate :-) )

The person who lands on this site has already made up his mind to cheat. Whether he does it through google cut-copy-paste or through searching the net for other students' work, which they have put up on the net for free re-use, or through this paid site, is immaterial. The intent to cheat exists. That does not defend the site, merely indicates that the person has made up his mind when he comes to this site.

The site also offers services that make it possible for people to improve their research design. I have done some research design work for voluntary bodies earlier, and know the difference that a little knowledge can make. That part, I do recommend. (unless there is something i don't know, and that makes this service also cheating).

I wrote some more, but then realised that would make the comment too long, and the gist of the messsage is already done.

Thank you, once again. :-)

How do we know said...

Hi purplehomes: I will take you up on that.

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